Our Story


We are Stephen and Mike – brothers who laugh, make fun of each other and show people the hidden beauty in reclaimed wood. We work out of two shops, in Burlington and Niagara-on-the-Lake, and are continuously building on our skills. We are more craftsmen than we are carpenters. It’s not just about taking a piece of plywood and turning it into a bookshelf or cabinet. It’s about fostering a live edge walnut slab, with all its character and flaws, into a unique conversation piece. Or it’s about giving life to a two hundred year old barn beam for a mantel or butcher block island.

These pieces tell a story that means much more that what can be mass produced or fabricated in a distant country. Our work introduces the heart and soul of reclaimed material into your home or business. Once we demonstrate the hidden character in each piece of wood and the value of sourcing local vendors using local high quality material, you will never look back.