Furniture that tells a story

Furniture that tells a story

Ruff Handmade Furnishings is locally owned and operated out of Burlington, Ontario. We specialize in one-of-a-kind rustic, reclaimed and live edge furnishings. Everything we produce is handmade. And awesome.

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Step One


It all begins with the wood. Our materials are reclaimed from barns, factories and other structures that were destined for the landfill. Rich with character, bearing the scars of time, each piece reflects its life as a piece of Southern Ontario history.

Step Two


Inspired by an industrial past, our creations have a timeless feel. Our aesthetics consider both form and function to meet our clients’ specific needs. Your piece will fit seamlessly into any environment from a modern condo to a century home.

Step Three


While the rich patina ages naturally and beautifully, you’ll be supporting an eco-friendly alternative to mass production. Ruff Handmade Furnishings is committed to being a part of the solution towards a sustainable future.

We Like It Ruff.